Starting a business is expensive and requires capital that most new entrepreneurs may not have, it does not matter how great your idea / product is, if you cannot find funding it will not happen. We assist by helping to prepare you for what investors and banks need to approve your funding and direct you to the organization that best matches your financial needs.

We assist small businesses by helping them prepare for what investors and banks need to approve their funding which from time to time may include:
• Buying equipment required to grow your business
• Buying a business already generating revenue
• Investing in acquiring new customers/clients
• Growing too fast and needing a cash cushion

Access to working capital is crucial for all businesses to meet their continued operational needs, we understand this and assist Small Businesses in preparing the documents and information required by investors and banks in order to approve their funding which may include:
• Cover day-to-day expenses
• Invoice Financing
• Inventory



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