5 Steps To Hire The Right Employee

Here’s how to make sure you hire the right employee

Yay, it’s time to expand your team! But you’re worried you won’t hire the right employee. You have seen or worked for companies where turnover is high and you question why there’s an ever-revolving door of new hires? Are there no good candidates out there? The first thought may be that the employee “just didn’t cut it” or that they may have been “unqualified”. But the truth is, in most cases the responsibility of staff turnover rests entirely on the shoulders of the hiring manager.

Companies, owners and managers who have mastered the art of recruiting have a clear understanding of what it takes to hire the right employees for their business. More importantly, they know how to keep their employees engaged for the long haul.

It all starts from the beginning, before the employee is even sought out and an employment contract is signed.

Here are the 5 steps to hire the right employee for your company:

  1. Have a job posting that clearly outlines what the opportunity entails: When posting for a job opportunity, make sure that you clearly outline the details of the role and responsibilities. you have to be transparent from the initial post onward. Also make sure that you include a summary of your company so that potential candidates know who they are applying to work for. The right employee will see beyond the posting and do their research to see if they can picture themselves growing within your organization.
  2. Thoroughly review resume and ensuring credentials meet your criteria: Pay attention to all the fine details.What does the employment history look like and what was the longest job they held? Are they currently employed and are they working in the same industry? Do they live within a reasonable distance from the office and do you foresee a concern with commuting? Have they highlighted skills and qualifications that you are specifically looking for? Vetting out the right resumes will save you more time with your recruiting process.
  3. Pre-screen before the interview process: Take the time to call your candidates to go over the opportunity before scheduling them in for an interview. A verbal conversation may disclose questions or concerns between the hiring manager and the candidate and could save time from meeting them if the opportunity may in fact not be what they’re looking for.
  4. Ensure you have chemistry during the interview process: Get your mind outta the gutter…Not an intimate one. But enough chemistry where you can see this employee fitting in with the rest of the team and culture. Personality and characteristics should be important to your team and the environment that the organization wants to maintain. If your new hire fits in well with the rest of the team professionally and even on a personal level (where you share stories of your cat and babies), chances are they’ll stick around.
  5. Proper onboarding: Some companies will hire a new employee, get them set up on their first day and then leave them alone lost in the woods fending for their own survival. Hiring the right employee also means setting them up for success from the minute they join your organization. Onboarding takes time and patience to ensure that that have the right resources supplied and go through proper training to do their job. From getting their emails set up to showing them where the supply closet is and as far as educating them on house rules and what the company vision and goals are, you need to cover all the basis to setting up the right employee for inevitable success.

Happy Hiring!

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