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According to a Forbes article, titled ‘How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business In 2017’, 84 percent of those who participated in a study believe artificial intelligence will give them a competitive advantage in their business, while three-quarters of the respondents believe artificial intelligence will introduce new, innovative business ventures for them. These statistics came from […]

You have decided. You want be an entrepreneur. If you read my article: ‘So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur’, you have taken the red pill and you are ready to use the force and become the powerful Jedi Master of your life. Now the question looming is – What business is the right business […]

ICO's Are Causing Major FOMO For Investors An exciting environment loaded with incredible technology in an unregulated landscape. Who could resist? Everyone’s jumping in - worried, they may be missing out on the investment of a lifetime. It’s the Wild West. As with any hot, unregulated market the attraction of big investment returns garners the [...]
This is a post for beginners on how to buy cryptocurrency - no trading - no investing advice - no legal advice - no tax advice - no bitcoin 101 - just simply - you've heard of this crazy new money/technology and you want to invest. To get started you will need two things - an [...]

The Terrace Public Library has been in a constant struggle with the City of Terrace and the Regional District attempting to secure funding to not only provide more services but also to maintain their grounds and facilities. This last fiscal year they requested an increase of $68 kanken bags kanken bags0,000. The City agreed to […]

Oct 03, 2015




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