So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

Here you are. You are standing in front of me and I have two pills in my hands. In the right I have a blue pill and, in the left, I hold one red. If you take the blue pill, the exciting dream you have of being an entrepreneur dies and you go back to a job you think is ok or to a job you hate. It doesn’t really matter – either way, your dream ends. You take the red pill and I take you on a wild crazy ride. I show you what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, no fluff nor rainbows just the way things really are.

You still here? Well, that means you took the red pill. Welcome to the wonderful, wonderland of entrepreneurship. First things first – if you think becoming an entrepreneur is easier than being an employee, cough that red pill up and leave now. This journey is not for the weak-willed, quitters, whiners nor shudders of work. You have to want to succeed more than you want to watch Games of Thrones, more than you want to go on social media and more than you like to sleep. Being a successful entrepreneur takes everything you have; sometimes things you never even knew you had.

During the early years of building your business there is no such thing as a 9 to 5 work day, and statutory holidays have lost all the glitz and glamour. Vacations are no longer an escape, you get rested but there is no escape. You will learn quickly what you’re good at and in what areas you suck. There will be days when you jump out of bed, excited to face the world and days when you will want to stay under the covers, in hiding. You will have a lot of initial regret and look back, delusional, at the safe, stress free job you used to have. Some family and friends will confirm your worst fear, that taking this risk and going after your dreams is a disaster. There will be ups and downs. By ups I mean mountain tops and, by downs, I mean rock bottom piercing through the earth’s crust.

Then why take this journey? Why follow your dreams? First of all, you will be part of the 1% club, part of the few who never regret not following your dreams. Secondly, who you become after going through this journey is priceless. Thirdly, the success pays back ten-fold on all the extra hours worked. Lastly, nothing beats being your own boss. Now you can binge watch Games of Thrones, you can sleep for weeks and best of all you have built something that was once just an idea into a living thing. If you think that the end results are worth the initial pain and struggle, then congratulations! You are officially entrepreneur material.

If you don’t know how to get started – contact me at Official Startups 289-799-3907/

I will have a red pill ready for you.

Shelly Gray, CEO at Official Startups 

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