Do you have a great idea?  Do you dream of being your own boss? Are you tired or unhappy in the job or career you’re in?
Our team is very experienced with startups, they have personally built successful small businesses and are not just giving advice based on the experiences of others but from proven strategies. We are local and active in the industry.

Idea Development Consultation

Our consultation sessions can be completed by phone, skype or in person at our office or your business location. We can work with your ideas to improve and strengthen them or we can advise you on the best strategies to build your ideal business according to your skills, abilities, interests, market and funding. Once the idea is properly developed we do an in-depth assessment into the Feasibility of business.

Business Plan

Our team works with you to develop a strategic and unique business plan according to your budget and needs. We advise you on the most optimal business model, the advertising and marketing tools to use, your operational manual and financial strategies that can launch your company if it is a startup or grow your company if it is existing.

Once we have completed your plan, we can help launch and build your business from the design, website development, online marketing, social media management and even outsourcing to solve some startup staffing needs.

New Business Set-up

We offer the service of complete registration of your business anywhere in Canada and the United States according to the legal guidelines of the state or province. This includes businesses that need to register as a Limited Liability, Corporation, Partnerships or Sole Proprietor.

The service can also include:

(b) Tax Identification

(c) Accounting System Set up

(d) Payment Processing Application