Video Marketing — What Are You Waiting For?

Video marketing is an area of marketing which is often ignored, however there are an abundance of reasons to integrate video marketing into your comprehensive marketing goals. Consider the fact that 64 percent of consumers who watch a branded social video make a purchase. This, in itself, might be reason enough to make the foray into video marketing, but there’s more:

– According to Social Media Today, Facebook videos have 135 percent greater organic “reach” than simple photo posts.
– There are a number of types of video content which can become a part of your video marketing strategy. The most effective types of video marketing include demonstration videos, tutorial videos and customer testimonials.
– Facebook and YouTube are the “winners” in the areas where consumers engage the most with branded videos, followed by Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.
– Businesses which use video marketing typically see about 41 percent more web traffic from searches than businesses which forego videos.
– Most people are visual—those who watch a video with a branded message typically retain about 95 percent of the information compared to a dismal 10 percent who retain the information when it is read only in text.
– Businesses which include a short (under two minutes) video on their landing page enjoy significantly higher conversion rates.
– The reason you need to keep your videos under two minutes, is because about 5 percent of those watching a video online will stop watching at about one minute, and another 60 percent will stop watching the video by two minutes. This means you must get your message out there quickly and efficiently.

As you can see, video marketing is essential for savvy marketers in 2018. The return on your investment for video marketing is perhaps the best of all types of marketing tactics—video has quickly become the king of marketing strategies.

Although basic video marketing is a powerful tool, some recent developments in the world of video content may help you boost your video marketing efforts, including these two newest trends:

  1. Live video is becoming more and more common, thanks to Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope. Statistically, consumers will spend almost three times as long watching a live video than they will spend watching a pre-recorded video.
  2. Facebook has also unveiled a new virtual reality headset, with many predicting it will significantly change video marketing efforts.

If you are unsure of how you should begin developing your video marketing strategy, remember that you must first have a deep understanding of your “typical” or “average” user—in other words, you need the right message for your target audience. Videos are unlike text, which can be easily edited. A video which bombs must be remade, costing both time and expense, then must be relaunched. In other words, get it right the first time.

Create measurable goals for your videos—if you are unsure what your ultimate goal in including video in your marketing strategy is, you are unlikely to know whether you have reached those goals or not. Determine the best platform for your video, based on your goals and your target audience. The decision as to whether you will use YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, e-publications or television, should be based on the audience you want to reach, as well as your marketing goals.

As an example, Twitter and Facebook videos tend to be fairly short-lived, while YouTube can be a great platform for a series of related videos. As always, keep your branding in mind when you are creating a video—your video should immediately tell viewers who you are, and should show, rather than tell your message. In the end, your video marketing strategy does not need to be all that complex—it is much more important that your target audience is “hooked,” than it is to create a complicated video.

Video Marketing does not have to be that complicated. Let Official Startups help you get your video content marketing program up to speed.

Audrey Nesbitt

Marketing Director, Official Startups

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